Welcome to my home page! You‘ve searched for me, so here’s all the good stuff I want you to know:

I’ve always had a passion for studying how all phenomena – from the particles of the material universe to the complexities of human consciousness – join together to form a coherent whole. From early on I sought a deep understanding of the natural world and human life, and especially enjoyed reading the atlas and encyclopaedia. In university I studied a variety of sciences, always fascinated by the content but often frustrated with the narrow focus of any given scientific discipline. Seeking a broader perspective on reality, I then became interested in philosophy, which (among other things) explored the underlying presuppositions that we bring to our study of reality. Meanwhile a health issue that could not be resolved through orthodox medicine transformed the philosophical question of the mind-body connection into a practical concern. This exploration in turn led me to classical homeopathy and naturopathic medicine, two disciplines that, in somewhat different ways, offered intriguing solutions to the problem. More recently I became fascinated by neuroscience and neurofeedback – a method that seeks directly to influence the brain’s function through neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to remodel itself throughout life).

As a Naturopathic Doctor I utilize primarily classical homeopathy and neurofeedback. I work with a variety of chronic conditions, but focus primarily on the mind-body connection in neurological conditions and mental health. I apply my big-picture understanding of determinants of health, honed through years of formal and continuing education and a decade of experience, to each patient’s unique pattern of illness. To foster optimal patient care, I regularly refer to and collaborate with other practitioners, and serve as a referral specialist for fellow naturopathic doctors and other health practitioners. I work both locally in Toronto, Canada and, provided certain conditions are met, on a long-distance basis with patients worldwide.

I maintain an interest in a variety of scientific disciplines because of my curiosity about the ultimate structure of world and especially human nature and consciousness. My broad scientific education has led me to believe that our conception of science ought to evolve along with scientific knowledge itself so that science not petrify as a method and constrain the parameters of all subsequent acquisition of knowledge. I therefore advocate freedom from dogma and superstition, along with paying special attention to those aspects of reality that do not neatly fit into orthodox scientific moulds. I believe that the greatest gains in scientific knowledge are to be had at the threshold between the scientific and the mystical realms. I call such an approach to science ‘holoscience’, a term that suggests the need to incorporate within the purview of scientific knowledge not only those realms of reality that are readily quantifiable but also those that are not, including especially subjective human experience and other manifestations of consciousness.

I enjoy lecturing to the public about the mind-body connection, homeopathy, and neurofeedback, and to academic audiences also about the philosophical issues I mentioned above. I have published articles, cases, and book reviews in the professional homeopathic literature, and am currently writing a homeopathy textbook that will provide not only a thorough introduction to the subject but also describe, for the first time in a single volume, several cutting-edge clinical techniques that have emerged over the last few decades. The book will conclude with a detailed exploration of the fascinating scientific and philosophical challenges raised by homeopathy and their implications for our understanding of the world.

In addition to science, medicine, and philosophy, I have been involved in classical music throughout my life. I grew up playing the violin and later on became a singer, first in choirs and small ensembles, and later as a soloist specializing in early music of the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. I have sung and recorded internationally with various ensembles including Tafelmusik, Taverner Consort, Aradia Ensemble, Opera Atelier, Israeli Bach Soloists, Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra, Copenhagen Soloists, and more. I have performed music spanning a millennium, ranging from Gregorian chants to Latin Church music, Monteverdi, Purcell, and Bach (his cantatas, oratorios, and the Evangelist role in St. John’s Passion), other oratorio roles such as Handel’s Messiah, Mozart, Schubert, and other 19th- and 20th-century music.

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto (Hon.B.A. in philosophy and chemistry), the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.), and am in the process of completing an M.A. in philosophy at Tel-Aviv University.

I may be contacted here.